Water Softening Could Help You Clean Less

Water Softening Could Help You Clean Less

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Why Are There Water Stains On Your Tub And Tile? 

Chandler PlumberThere are so many things that can damage your bathtub, leaving it with unsightly stains that make it look like the last place you’d want to go to get clean. Many people are familiar with soap scum and most people are well aware of the fact that the human body itself can leave streaks and dirt marks all along the sides and bottom of the tub. What many people are unaware of however, is the fact that water itself has the power to smudge the porcelain and other materials aligning the interior of your bathtub.

How Could Water Possibly Stain the Tub?

While these marks may look like dirt to the untrained eye, they are actually left behind by the minerals found in well water. Traces of these minerals begin to build up after multiple washes and the end result can be just as unattractive to the bather as mold, soap scum and outside dirt that’s been dragged into the tub. Even worse, these minerals have a way of splashing up onto the surrounding tile and leaving marks in hard to reach places as well.

Chandler Water SoftenersSo How Do You Remove Water Stains?

Water stains are very dangerous and should be handled by a professional plumber. Home remedies include the utilization of harsh chemical cleaners and/or acidic items found around the house. Many of the store bought products will require you to use even more water which is something you’ll want to avoid. You can eliminate said stains by putting lemon juice in a spray bottle, spritzing your tub and tile and scrubbing in a circular motion, but this is only a temporary fix. Water stains are often a sign of a much more serious problem.

What Do Water Stains Indicate To A Professional

If your water is leaving stains around the house, this is usually an indication of an overload of minerals like calcium, limestone and magnesium, all of which are safe for you but no so safe for your household pipes and other plumbing components. Water staining situations can result in the H2O in your home damaging just about everything it touches from dishes to the bathtub and everything in between.

Your Best Bet: Seek the Aid of A Professional Hard Water Stain Remover

Expertly trained plumbers know their way around mineral water stains. They have the necessary training and equipment to get the job done right the first time and they can help you prevent such stains in the future. Hard water stains may mean that you need water softening. Call ABC Plumbing & Rooter at (480) 726-1600 for help!

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