Just What Is Rooter Service Anyway?

Just What Is Rooter Service Anyway?

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You’ve just had your plumber out to check on some plumbing issues, and you’re told you need rooter service. In fact, this rooter service is recommended as a part of your overall plumbing maintenance. But what exactly is rooter service and why would you need it?

Basically, rooter service is a type of plumbing repair that involves a range of different tools that snake through your drains along with running water to unclog them. The rooter is a drain cleaning machine created to unblock hard to reach debris.  It was designed to resolve the issue of slow or clogged drains.

The idea, and hence the name ROOTer, came from the need to find a way to unclog drains from tree roots. Now, the practice is used to address all kinds of support clog issues way beyond those caused by the notorious tree roots in sewer lines.

Clogs and slow drains can impact your plumbing in many ways that extend far beyond the clog. They can have an impact on many areas of your home.

Inside one of your home’s drains. These kinds of clogs generally made up of things like food scraps, hair, and soap scum can potentially have an impact on the fixture nearest to its location.

Sewer line. If you have a clog in your home’s sewer line, you could see back-ups in your tubs and showers. You might even see a little back up when you flush your toilets and use your washing machine. You might even see more widespread drainage issue. Sewer clogs are often caused by tree roots or larger debris and generally cannot be removed without calling in a professional.

Whenever you find that you have slow drains, think about calling a professional to conduct rooter service. Those hard-to-detect growing clogs will ultimately end up being big clogs with potentially big problems. With ongoing maintenance as well as catching those clogged and slow drains early, you can save yourself a lot of problems and added expense down the road.

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