You’ve Got Water Damage…Tips on Finding the Right Restoration Company

You’ve Got Water Damage…Tips on Finding the Right Restoration Company

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It’s happened. You’ve got water damage. It could have happened a number of different ways…flooding, seeping, broken water pipes…but it is all still water damage.


Now what. In a previous post, we discussed the tasks to complete before the restoration company arrives.  We discussed the initial clean-up of water and turning off of power. And, we discussed the importance of removing as many items as possible from the impacted space.

And, one of the primary considerations is the company you choose to handle the restoration process when it comes to ensuring the water damage is completely resolved in your space.

Any company you choose should hold proper licenses and certifications as they pertain to the type of work that you are having done in your home. You may need a licensed contractor or someone well-educated on the removal of mold depending on what kind of water damage has occurred in your home.

Your insurance company is a great place to start when it comes to referrals to restoration companies. They retain a list of companies they have previously worked in situations such as these.  And, check with your friends and family as they are often the best sources of trusted referrals.

While a quick response time is really an important aspect, you will definitely want to work with a company that will take the time to prepare a cost estimate for you so there are no surprises. If you are using your insurance coverage, you’ll want someone knowledgeable with the reimbursement and billing process.

Make sure they have equipment that is up to date and in good working order. A company that uses modern equipment can really expedite the process of restoration.

After experiencing water damage, life can feel a little overwhelming and you work through the restoration of the space and replacing anything that was damaged. It can be made just a little easier by choosing the right company.

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